Cave Girl - SUPER AQUA GOTH is a long awaited, fast paced ARPG sequel to Dungeon Boy. Play the role of the SUPER AQUA GOTH as you find yourself stranded on a desert planet - in search of water. If you dry out you'll die, and the caves seem the best bet. In them you find strange jugs of water - enough to keep you alive - but also enemies! And the deeper you go, the more of everything! How far can you make it before you perish?

As a more technical rundown, Cave Girl - SUPER AQUA GOTH is a procedurally generated roguelike action-rpg. There are powerups throughout the caves that all effect each other! The enemies can use the powerups too, as well as some of their own.


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How are you supposed to find the jugs? What do they look like? What are the powerup names?

Can you add a fourth option to the starting page explaining what the items are and their names? I really don't know.

Thank you for reading this, Dev!