Test your breakout juggling skills in this unique twist! There are no blocks - just an endless supply of balls summoned by an evil little creature. You're not a flipper, you can summon flippers! If you let any of the balls by, that's fewer flippers you can summon. Bounce them? That's more!

Balls, flippers, and even you can gain multiplier! Try to chain hits!

What's your high score?


  • A/D OR Arrow Keys OR Controller Stick Left Right => Move
  • Space OR Enter OR A Or B => Attack
  • W/S OR Arrow Keys OR Controller Stick => Navigate Menu
  • +/- (no shift) => Change SFX Volume
  • </> (no shift) => Change Music Volume


Use Q to turn off and on Screen Shake at any time


I Summon Bounce Win 64.zip 27 MB

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