Post-Jam Plans

Hi everyone! I’ve had some time to put together my thoughts on this game after the jam, so I wanted to update y’all on my plans with it!

Immediately after Ludum Dare’s rating period ends I want to get a version up with a few changes, including

  • Fixing the jumpy tools
  • Adding a “zoom in and slow down” mode to facilitate virtual bonzai mastery
  • Choosing your plant in zen mode
  • Saving and loading plants
  • Changes to some plant’s rules
  • More complex growth rules ensuring more… regular growth cycles

Beyond that, I want to build up to a full version. Nothing of huge scope! This (hopefully) won’t be a multi-year project at all! Now that I’ve said that I’ve probably cursed myself, but I hope it won’t be! I’ll be documenting my development on my twitter (, and here, but here’s a few of my planned features!

  • More story

    • More characters, more little orders, more lives to get into
    • Some progression on plant types, the ability to choose a plant to try and fulfil orders maybe?
  • More ways to shape your plant

    • Tying off branches to shape them
    • Roots!
    • Splicing in other plants maybe
  • More customizability

    • Different plant pots
    • Different backgrounds

And more!

With this stuff I’m planning to do a real release once it’s done, so once the post-jam update drops, it’ll just be bugfixes until then.

I hope you all come along with my on this journey!

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Oct 12, 2022

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