Silvi v0.2 Released!

Silvi v0.2.0 has released!

This was supposed to be a post-jam release, and it still kind of is - just late!

This includes a lot of little usability improvements, performance improvements, and plant changes! You’ll find them below. The most exciting thing is saving! On the desktop version only (sorry web users!), you can save any plant and load it later for further plant shaping. You’ll find all changes listed below.

v0.2.0 CHANGES

  • Added Saving (Windows only)
  • Added the ability to select which plant you grow in zen mode
  • Plants now prefer growing where you’ve recently damaged them
  • Plant growth amount is based on how much green the plant has (leaves make power!)
  • You can now slow down and zoom in to shape specific parts of your plant using middle click
  • Tools have hotkeys! Use Q, W, and E (or 1, 2, and 3) to access the Shears, Wax, and Thinner
  • You can now pause the game - press space!
  • The story now has progression indicators for the goals
  • BIG performance increase (400% faster+)
  • Changes (improvements) to plants (the birch actually looks like a birch!)

These changes also give me a great platform to work off of for the eventual full release of Silvi! Watch here and on my twitter for updates on that. Expect a lot more plants, a lot more story, PLANT BREEDING, and more.

Happy plants!

Dec 11, 2022 Play in browser
Dec 11, 2022

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